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Creating an icon based navigation

The setup for a slick UI

Posted on 18 May 2012 by Eric in the category Development
Tagged under: Navigation, jQuery, SPServices

The other day a fellow SharePoint friend, Tasha Scott, tweeted with a problem. Sometimes Twitter is great and sometimes not so much. In this case it was the later as there wasn’t really enough to give a good response because of the character limit.

It wasn’t until she posted on that I was able to fully understand what she was wanting to do.  I’ll give you a moment to view that post.

Fortunately for her, I’ve done this type of thing, albeit without the security trimming, but that’s easy to overcome. You only need a custom list, a document library (if one doesn’t exist), SharePoint Designer, and a bit of creativity to pull this off. If SharePoint Designer is prohibited in your environment, you can pull this off in a similar fashion using jQuery and SPServices

In the coming posts, I’ll detail how to create a icon driven user interface.