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Form Redirection

Ways of sending users to places after form submission

Posted on 08 September 2011 by Eric in the category Development
Tagged under: Forms, jQuery

I’ve seen quite a few posts around on various forums about redirecting users to a different page after filling out a form. I thought I’d recap some options. These may or may not be applicable to all SharePoint forms so review your options.

The Easy OOTB Method

On your SharePoint site, be it a link added to the Quick Launch, stored in a links list, or created in a Content Editor web part, append a ?Source= query string parameter to the end of the new form URL. So something like this: This will redirect the user to Yahoo after completing the form. This could be any place, back to the default.aspx page or to a custom ThankYou page.

A jQuery Method

I had asked a question on how to do this with jQuery on the old Stump the Panel forums on Matt Bramer was able to come up with a solution utilizing jQuery. This appends a source query string parameter to the URL for a hrefs that contain NewForm.aspx and returns them to the originating page.

$(document).ready(function() {
    var curr_URL = document.location.href;
    appendTo_URL = "?Source=" + curr_URL;
    var link_URL = $(this).attr('href');
    //alert(link_URL + appendTo_URL);
    $(this).attr('href', link_URL + appendTo_URL);

A Custom Form Method

In SharePoint Designer, you can copy the list’s NewForm.aspx page and create your own custom NewForm by closing the default web part and adding in a Custom ListForm. I’ve used this Sharepoint Kings article many times in situations where I’m heavily customizing a form and want to control the redirection.

Other Interesting Methods

Alexander Bautz has an interesting method here.