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Content slider update

Additional functionality for the content slider

Posted on 29 July 2011 by Eric in the category Development
Tagged under: Slider

A couple weeks ago I had posted an article on on how to create a content slider for SharePoint. One of the comments I received was:

"In my opinion, there is only one little thing missing....some indicator or counter of how many announcements that it is scrolling through and which announcement it is on as it is moving. I love the way it works and looks, but you sort of lose sense of where you are in viewing the announcements until you realized that it has started over. A user won't know if they are to sit there (and enjoy) 3, 4,5....announcements in the loop. Any advice on how to add that feature?"

I didn’t think about doing that initially and agree it’s a good user experience to have some sort of context on the number of items being displayed and what one you’re one. I’ve gone ahead and updated the script for this omitted functionality. You can download a zip file with all the components here.